Welcome First-Gen Bruins!

First To Go promotes campus involvement and visibility with a focus on the retention and success of all first-generation college students at UCLA. We are here to serve as a resource hub to assist current UCLA undergraduate students as they navigate the campus and provide support in building community. Being first-generation college is an accomplishment that should be celebrated!

First To Go is open to any undergraduate or graduate/professional student at any time.

Note: for our program, a “first-generation college student” is identified as a student whose parent/guardian have not received a four-year U.S. bachelor's degree.

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What is First to Go

A Brief History of First to Go

Fall 2016

Launch of First To Go

First To Go was launched by La'Tonya Rease Miles and Symone Morales in Fall 2016 with the First-Generation Welcome Soiree

Fall 2017

First Generation Programming

First To Go grew momentum with the culmination of the First-Generation College Student Awareness Week and The First-Generation Institute

Spring 2018

First Generation Advisory Board

First To Go created a campus-wide advisory board to create a welcoming and unifying culture for the first-generation college community at UCLA

Summer 2019

First Generation Faculty Initiative

The First-Generation Faculty Initiative was officially launched to increase first-gen faculty and student connections

Spring 2020

Transition to Online Learning

First To Go pivoted it's resources online and supported first-generation students through social media and virtual workshops


First Generation Mentorship

First To Go will launch a mentorship program for UCLA first-generation undergraduate and graduate students in Fall 2022

The History of First To Go


Check out our upcoming programs!
Check out our upcoming programs!
Joe and Josie Bruin welcome all First-Gen Bruins!
Chancellor Gene Block showing his First-Gen pride!
Do you remember when you received your acceptance letter to UCLA?