Congratulations, Grad!

Hats off to our first-gen students! You did it! You are the first in your family to graduate from college and receive an undergraduate and/or graduate degree from UCLA. You are pioneers. You are trailblazers. You are dreamers. You are fighters. And now you are first-gen graduates!

This time is a period of great joy and also one of great change. First To Go understands that this change can be overwhelming and also exciting. In order to support your transition as a first-generation UCLA alumni, we have compiled a list of resources to answer your commonly asked questions about life as a Bruin alum. These resources are intended for both undergraduate and graduate students unless otherwise stated. They also provide links for more information.

We highly recommend you be part of the Alumni’s First-Gen Alumni group to continue to stay connected to your first-gen Bruin community. Go here for more information on how to be involved.

Please reach out to us with any questions at any time by emailing because you will continue to be part of the UCLA First To Go network.

Resources for Recent Grads

ucla alumni logo Alumni Association

You’re a Bruin alum now and you will continue to be a part of the UCLA family by staying connected through the Alumni community. Join the UCLA Alumni Association and start accessing resources, tools, and an extensive network of alumni to help you navigate life as a Bruin graduate.

We especially encourage you to:

Check out the Job Search Starter Kit to begin searching for a job post-graduation! You’ll find easy templates for a résumé, cover letter and email correspondences.

Join UCLA One and get instantly connected to a global Bruin alumni community that will help grow your UCLA network.

Access an extensive list of resources and tools compiled by Alumni Career Engagement that will help you navigate the entire job search process.

Take a listen to the Bruin Success podcast’s 10 Careers You’ve Never Heard Of to expand your knowledge of the many job opportunities available to you!

ucla career center logo Career Center

The Career Center will be your hub for a variety of career services and resources to maximize your career and guide you in your journey in job searching as a Bruin alum. Before you graduate, make sure you take advantage of the workshops and events available to you which will prepare you for life post-graduation, which include the annual Career Ready Bootcamp, the Career Guide with career-related topics to assist you with career exploration, and VMock, a 24/7 resume review tool.

Some things to take note of are:

Three months after you graduate, you still have FULL free access to all Career Center resources and services.

After the first 3 months post-graduation, you will still have free access to Handshake (UCLA’s employment database), online resources, and career fairs.

After your first year as an alum, you may subscribe for $30 per a 6-month period to gain access to Handshake, online resources, and career fairs

logo - gmail UCLA Gmail

Your UCLA email has served as your primary mode of communication during your tenure at UCLA and we are happy to share that you will continue to have full access to your email (both @ucla and the @Google UCLA email) at no charge after you graduate. No action on your end is needed once you graduate as full free email access will continue as alumni, including the usage of push notifications via Duo Mobile. Should you have any questions about your email, please contact UCLA IT Services at or at (310) 267-4357. IT Services also has tons of informative articles about all topics IT-related which you can access through their knowledge base.

The following services will be deactivated after you graduate.

VPN, proxy, wireless, and webspace

UCLA Box (make sure you backup your data before you graduate)

Subscription services that include the Adobe Creative Suite, Office 365, and Zoom Pro associated with your employment

logo - google suite Google Suite

Your access to the full UCLA Google suite will continue post-graduation indefinitely free of charge. No action needs to be taken on your end as your access will continue once you graduate using your same UCLA login credentials.

logo - bruincard Bruin Card

Your BruinCard has been part of your UCLA experience and before you put in your keepsake box, below is important information you should know about your card post-graduation. If you are wondering if BruinCard function will continue after you are no longer officially enrolled at UCLA, the answer is complicated as it depends on certain functions. Due to the magnetic strip and barcode on the card which are linked to the UID, BruinCard facilitates many services on campus (library, recreation, etc.). When a student graduates, while the card itself may not be "shut off," many of these departments revoke privileges to the UID, which results in the card no longer being able to work to access these services.

Each BruinCard service is different and left up to the respective department to manage. Some choose to have alumni services (and discounts) offered, such as traditionally Recreation and Library, while others (like building or room access) may be immediately revoked.

Alumni services and discounts, which are sometimes accessed through BruinCard, has some existing graduation resources.

Regarding BruinCard specific services (card production and financial accounts), alumni are not eligible for replacement or exchange cards. If the student continues affiliation with UCLA, however, such as employment, then they can continue card production and transaction services.

If students are no longer able to use the financial account on their card and they have a balance, students can submit a Refund Request form. Please note, University funds are not eligible for a BruinCard refund.

logo - libraries and clicc lab Libraries & CLICC Lab

The UCLA Libraries have been an important part of your UCLA experience and have provided you with abundant resources for your academic success. Upon graduation, you become a member of the UCLA Alumni Association automatically at no cost, you can continue to have limited access to certain Library resources. More specifically, when you become a member of the UCLA Alumni Association, you will get access to the ProQuest Research Library database, the Library’s print collections, and the ability to receive a free library card.

However, important information to note is:

The remainder of the library databases and ebooks are only available to currently students, staff, and faculty

To continue to get access to these popular Library resources and many others, you can become a member of the LA Public Library for free.

Due to restrictions from the effects of Covid-19, CLICC technology, including access to Chromebook laptops, is only available to current students, faculty, and staff. You will not able to check out any laptops after you graduate. We will update our website if this access changes at any point.

logo - study abroad International Education Office (Study Abroad)

Whether or not you studied abroad when you enrolled at UCLA, there are still opportunities to go abroad once you graduate. UCLA’s International Education Office has created a list of options if you are wanting to explore outside of the U.S. Although studying abroad is easier when you are officially enrolled as a university student, you can still take advantage of going abroad opportunities listed below. And if you decide to go back to get an advanced degree, you can look into options of studying abroad by connecting with your graduate student department counselor.

Volunteer Abroad: There lots of ways to help others throughout all corners of the world!

Work Abroad: The office can inform you on different global employment opportunities, tips on navigating an international job search, and work permit job options

International Job Database: View several sites that list worldwide job opportunities.

Career Planning: Consider how to use your abroad experience to maximize your career journey.

logo - transportation Parking & Transportation

Transportation offers a variety of programs and services for the UCLA community, but unfortunately, once you graduate and are no longer enrolled in classes full-time, you no longer qualify for its programs and services, like, the subsidized transit passes. We’d recommend contacting your local transportation offices for information on transit service and discounts.

logo - ucla recreation Recreation

Although traditionally many of the University’s recreational and athletic facilities were open for alumni through a membership purchase, due to the current restrictions capacities within these spaces alumni have limited eligibility to gain access to any of these facilities and programs. Once campus re-opens and restrictions are lifted, check the Recreation website for updated information on alumni membership eligibility. We will also provide any updates to any restriction changes here on our website.

logo - volunteer center Volunteer Center

The UCLA Volunteer Center welcomes alumni to participate in ongoing and annual service opportunities, suggest volunteer site locations, and lead service projects. You can go to the Volunteer Center website for more information on how to get involved.

logo - ucla store UCLA Store

The UCLA Store is your destination for purchasing all things Bruin as well as other items to maximize your student experience at UCLA. Once you graduate, you still will have access to purchase anything in person or online. There are special items for UCLA alumni which you may be interested in acquiring.

Some other information to be aware of it:

All alumni are allowed to continue to receive educational pricing from Apple and the computer store.

Alumni are also eligible for the 0% financing on a tech loan from Westcom if you are a Wescom member.

To continue to be connected to the UCLA Store, we encourage you to sign up for their mailing/email list to be up to date on all of their offerings and promotions.

Additionally, the UCLA Store recently released UCLA “First-Generation” branded items which you can purchase on their website.